How Christian Houpe and Caleb McGuire Started Boone's first Pedal powered Pub Party!


Christian Houpe, founder of PubCycle of Boone, started the company in 2018 during his senior year at Appalachian State. He is now a proud Appalachian State University Alumni with a degree in Sustainable Technology. While in school Christian won a pitch competition sponsored by Appalachian State University's Center for Entrepreneurship in the Walker College of Business awarding him $2,000.00 to start the company. Winning the competition gave him the encouragement he needed to take his business plan before the town council. 

Christian saw the need to find a partner to get PubCycle of Boone off the ground. Caleb saw the immense need for change and growth of the nightlife around Boone, North Carolina. He knew with Christian’s help that they could provide a new exciting attraction that was both unforgettable and sustainable.

In 2018 with Christian's innate mechanical and electrical engineering background, and Caleb's marketing and video production experience the two utilized each other's strengthens to further develop the company, PubCycle of Boone.

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History is now being made with Boone's first ever pedal powered pub party!