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What is the PubCycle of Boone and how does it work?

PubCycle of Boone provides fun, safe, and sustainable transportation that boosts the local economy while the customers learn about the rich culture of the High Country. We allow you to B.Y.O.B. on our tours consisting of pub crawls, birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, club/company outings, sightseeing, themed nights out! The electric vehicle is a powered by a pedal assist engine. This open air trolley on wheels seats 14 customers and a certified driver/guide. A minimum of 8 peddlers is necessary to power the PubCycle of Boone.

Can I drink/bring alcohol on the tour?

Our tour allows each rider 21 or over to BYOB maximum of SIX 12-16 oz cans of beer/cider or ONE 750ml of wine. NO LIQUOR Drinks!

NO DRINKING from GLASS containers on the tour. Wine bottles are permitted, but must be poured into a booze bottle ($5.00 Rental at Check Out.) Benchmark Provision sells wine in a can for the grape fans.

How hard is it to pedal?

You don't have to be Lance Armstrong! Anyone can pedal around and have fun. The vehicle has an electric motor for the hills of Boone or for crowds that just prefer to ride!

What are the rules to the tour?

NO DRINKING from GLASS containers on the tour. Growlers/bottles are permitted, but must be poured into a cup and stored in the cooler. There is ABOSLUTELY NO moving around seat to seat, leaving or jumping off the PubCycle while in motion. Planned and announced stops only. PubCycle employees are not allowed to sell or serve your beer or wine. BYO & SYO (serve your own) only. At all times, the driver reserves the right to expel any highly intoxicated riders. If a rider(s) is asked to leave the tour, the rider(s) will be responsible for finding their own way home, and no refund will be given.

Should I tip the driver?

Yes, we are two college entreprenuers bootstrapping this startup, everything helps! We accept CASH tips, Venmo and can also add gratuity to the credit card on file before/after the tour.

How old do I have to be to ride on the PubCycle of Boone?

We require all riders to be above the age of 10. Anyone under the age of 16 will need to have parental consent and fill out the necessary form provided at the beginning of the tour. If you are shorter than 5ft you may not be able to reach the pedals therefore we do require 6 riders to be taller than 5ft.

Does PubCycle of Boone have a weight limit?

Each seat has a weight limit of 275lbs.

does the pubcycle have seatbelts?

Each seat has a seatbelt and a seat back!

what is the refund and cancellation policy?

We will issue a 100% refund for PUBLIC TOURS (PUB CRAWLS and TOUR DE BOONE) if the cancellation is made 24hrs before your tour.

We will issue a 100% refund for PRIVATE & BREWERY TOURS if the cancellation is made 72 hrs before your tour.

The weather is less than ideal, and I scheduled my ride for today. Can I still pedal?

PubCycle of Boone has a weather guard that will keep the party going rain or shine. With the unpredictable weather in Boone make sure you dress accordingly (Rain Jacket and Ponco).

If weather becomes dangerous, as in thunder & lightning or a weather advisory; Pubcycle of Boone reserves the right to cancel the ride and offer a reschedule or full refund.

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